Admission Policy

Admissions Criteria

  • Age requirement (as of September 1 of year of entry)
    • K1: 2 years 8 months up
    • K2: 3 years 8 months up
    • K3: 4 years 8 months up
    • P1 to P6: 5 years 8 months up – 15 years
    • F1 to F3: up to 18 years
    • F4 to F6: up to 21 years
  • Residence requirement
  • Macao permanent or temporary identity card holder
  • With valid visa to stay in Macao for more than 90 days
  • Academic achievement and language proficiency:
    • An applicant will be interviewed and measured to see if s/he meets the standard in the following areas:
      • i) Academic achievement at grade level
        • F1: completed and graduated from Primary 6
        • F4: completed and graduated from F3
      • ii) English language proficiency
  • Behavior standard
    Previous teachers' comments on the applicant's behavior and work will be reviewed to see if the applicant meets the school's behavioral expectations and will contribute positively to the school community.
  • Admissions priority
    Applicants meeting the above criteria are given a priority admission if they have siblings at Macao Sam Yuk Middle School.

Admission Procedures

  • All application forms should be completed and returned to the school office.
  • Application forms are to be returned together with the following:
    • Original & copy of student's latest report card (except K1)
    • Two 1.5-inch recent photos of student
    • Original & copy of parents' & student's Macao ID or valid visa
    • Water/electricity bill
    • Copy of DSEJ issued student ID
    • Medical card
    • Health Certificate (new immigrant /never studied in Macau)
  • Interview and/or admissions tests will be arranged upon submission of the application.

Annual School Fee (2017-2018)

  • Macao residents: Free
  • Non-Macao resident:
    • K1 – K3: MOP36,540
    • P1 – P6: MOP40,320
    • F1 – F3: MOP49,040
    • F4 – F5: MOP55,780
    • F6: MOP39,850